mightofmike Beginners Guide: Mining

Beginners Guide: Mining

Be a miner in 15 min!

The best way to start and understanding how mining works, is using a GUI miner. (Graphical user interface)
One of these GUI miners are Minergate.com . I have used it myself and it works, and will do fine as a starting point to mining.

By following these 3 steps youl be mining in 15 min

Step 1

Go to Minergate and Create Account Make sure to write down your info.

Step 2

Download GUI miner at Minergate Download GUI miner
If you have any trouple downloading the miner, try using the Egde Browser Egde instead of Chrome. Chrome is almost always blocking downloads of any mining software.
Alternative you have to allow Chrome to download “unsafe” software. You will run in to this again and again when your using mining software, make sure you download from the right sources.

Step 3

When you start mining, you should mine something easy like BCN (Bytecoin) or XDN (Digitalnote).
These two coins will be the fast to mine, and will give you something to practice with making wallets and using exchanges.
If you do something wrong with these coins, its just a few dollars or cents you lose, so they are good for practice.

It should look like below, Happy mining