RetroPie (Raspberry Pi)


What is RetroPie?

RetroPie is a software library used to emulate retro video games on the Raspberry Pi computer. The most popular emulation system for the Raspberry Pi, RetroPie features a user-friendly interface and an even friendlier setup process. RetroPie runs Emulation Station and supports all major retro video game emulators, allowing you to play games from the NES, SNES, Genesis, Atari, Amiga and many more on your Raspberry Pi.

List of Hardware needed to set up RetroPie

1 x Raspberry Pi, (3b or 3b+ Recommended)  HDMI, Power supply or what you normally use to run your Raspberry Pi

1 x Micro SD Card (16GB or larger Recommended)

1 x Controller of some kind (USB, Wireless, PS3, PS4) Retropie can use a large range of Controllers.

1 x TV or monitor (HDMI Preferred) 

Software needed.

The Easy way to set up RetroPie.

1.  Download complete Image with games from

To download Torrents you need a torrent Program like qBittorent or uTorrent

Make sure the Image fit the SD Card, not all SD Cards have the same amount of sectors, and therefore a 16GB Image wont always fit a 16GB SD Card. It’s often written under Info of the Image what kind of SD Card the Image used when it was made. To Avoid this issue use a larger SD Card then the Image, like a 32GB for a 16GB image.

2. To Burn the Image to the SD Card a program is needed, i use  Win32DiskImager Download it here if needed Win32 Download  

Sometimes Windows have trouble recognizing the SD Card and therefore Win32DiskImager cant find it, Download SD Card Formatter And format the SD Card.  

3. Write the Image to the Micro SD Card

You are now ready to enjoy endless amount of old retro games 🙂

Extra Step if you have a Nespi+ Case (Power and Reset Button)

To make use of the Reset and Power Button you need to install a Script.


  1. Set the Button inside the Nespi+ Case to On
  2. Turn on your Retropie, and click F4 to enter Terminal, and type.
  3. wget -O – “” | sudo bash

Its a Big O, finding the | depends on your keyboard

Youtube video explaining how to make the setup.

Thats it, have fun!